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Kathleen Eade - Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

About Kathleen

Bruce Springsteen. Love the guy! On the day my second child was born I bought tickets to his Auckland concert, my baby would be 6 months but I was convinced I could manage my breastfeeding journey around this very important event! The time came and armed with very supportive friend and a breast pump I had a very memorable 48 hours in Auckland. I returned to a well-looked after baby from having ample expressed milk, though we both were hanging out for that first feed!

I am sharing this to show that breastfeeding can fit in with life - though it requires more commitment in the early weeks/first few months until established - breastfeeding can fit in around work, sport and events with a little bit of knowledge and planning. I am familiar with the rights of breastfeeding women and their entitlements when returning to the workforce, so if this is you I can also assist with this.

My three children brought completely different experiences - No.1 was poor latch, low weight gain, low milk supply, and a nasty case of mastitis at 8 months when I returned back to work. However,she fed until she was 14 months old and looking back I feel proud to have overcome these challenges as they were a stress at the time. In fact, a big help to me was speaking with a peer supporter. No. 2 and No.3 were relatively smooth rides, excluding the odd nursing strike.

Breastfeeding can be challenging, and if you are reading this you probably needed someone to talk to yesterday - don't be shy, don't think you are bothering us, we are wanting your calls so we can help - and we are all very nice... really!

Peer Supporters are not medical professionals, but are volunteers trained to provide information and support through common challenges to the normal course of breastfeeding.